Below is the latest from key U.S. think tanks on China issues.


China Vitae Updates

Tang Tao

09/05 > Vice-Minister, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security,

Gong Changsheng

09/05 > Vice-Minister, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security,

Jiang Chaoliang

09/05 > Acting Governor, People's Government, Jilin Province

Xin Changxing

09/05 > Director, State Administration of Civil Service,


08/31 > Secretary, CPC, Provincial Committee, Jilin Province

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The American Mandarin Society is a non-partisan, non-profit, members-based organization that serves as a broad forum for the growing numbers of Americans who have studied, researched, and lived in Greater China since the early 1980’s, all of whom have Mandarin language capabilities. The Society aims to facilitate communication, intellectual synergies, cultural and educational exchanges, and other productive collaboration among Americans and Chinese in an effort to support the development of future stewards of U.S.-China relations.  



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Members must be American citizens or permanent residents who have formally studied Chinese for at least one semester (or summer) and lived in Greater China during or after such studies.

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